1. Riders must be a member of USMX or other sports committee (ex. WNY, CNYMRA etc.), or must pay an additional $10 day pass fee at each event; a rider will become an automatic member after their third day pass.

2. Points are only given to those individuals who are USMX members.

3. In order to be eligible for a chance to win the bike at the end of the season, you must be a member of the USMX. Each member will have their name put in for the drawing once for becoming a member and once for each race they enter.

4. In order to be eligible for year end awards, a member must compete in at least 10 events during the season.

CLASSES: All USMX points paying meets will run all USMX classes.

51cc Oil Injected (4-8)

51cc Pee-Wee Jr. (4-6)

51cc Pee-Wee Sr. (7-8)

51cc Open (4-8)

65cc 7-9 (60-65cc 2 stroke, 53-125cc 4 stroke)

65cc 10-11 (60-65cc 2 stroke, 53-125cc 4 stroke)

Junior Mini 7-12 (60-85cc 2 stroke, 52-125cc 4 stroke)

Senior Mini 12-15 (79-85cc 2 stroke, 75-150cc 4 stoke, small wheel only)

*Open Mini 10-16 (80-112cc 2 stroke, 75-150cc 4 stroke, all wheel sizes)

**Schoolboy 12-16 (85-250cc)

**Collegeboy 14-24 (122cc+)

Schoolgirl 7-15 (65-112cc 2 stroke, 90-150cc 4 stroke)

125 2 Stroke (122-125cc 2 stroke only)

Women's 12+ (85cc+)

***122-250cc Beginner (D)

122-250cc Novice (C)

122-250cc Amateur (B)

122-250cc Expert (A)

***122-Open Beginner (D)

122-Open Novice (C)

122-Open Amateur (B)

122-Open Expert (A)

Plus 25 Amateur/Novice (B/C)

Plus 25 Expert (A)

Plus 30 Novice (C)

Plus 30 Amateur (B)

Plus 30 Expert (A)

Plus 40 Novice (C)

Plus 40 Amateur (B)

Plus 40 Expert (A)

Plus 50 Amateur/Novice (B/C)

Pkus 50 Expert (A)

*No Expert (A) riders allowed in Open Mini or Schoolboy

** Collegeboy & Schoolboy are designated as a second class only.

***122-250 Beginner and 122-Open Beginner are non-points classes

A rider may not compete in BOTH the Junior & Senior Mini classes; a rider may not compete in BOTH the Schoolboy & Collegeboy classes.

The 51cc Oil Injected Class will include stock automatic single-speed oil-injected machines, max wheelbase 36 inch wheel size 10 inch seat ht 222mm round intake. The Pee-Wee Jr. Class will include all machines eligible for AMA classes 1,3 and 4, single or multi-speed automatic, max wheelbase 38 inch wheel size 10 inch seat ht 244mm round intake. The Pee-Wee Sr. Class will include all machines eligible for AMA class 2,3 and 4, max wheelbase 41 inch wheel size 129mm round intake.


Cut off for age in youth classes is January 1.

Riders under the age of 14 may not compete on machines larger than 400cc.

The age of the rider is determined as of the date of the event, The cut-off date is before January 1st for any class having a maximum age limit. If a rider’s birth date is January 1st or after they can elect to stay in the class until the end of the year OR move up to the next class. A rider can not ride in both classes

Any rider whose proof of age is NOT on file in the USMX office will not receive a USMX card, but will be allowed to sign-up using their receipt for membership fee paid for a period of 30 days from the date on the receipt.


All promotions shall be subject to review regardless of the system delineated below.

MINI CLASSES: Mini riders moving to a larger machine will have a Novice rank unless they have been a dominate rider. Promotions will be reviewed by the board.

BEGINNER CLASSES: Will be promoted to Novice based on three trophies and no more than 2 years regardless of affiliation. Promotions will be reviewwed by the baord.

NOVICE CLASSES: No rider shall participate in a USMX Novice event without a current novice card. A novice will move to the Amateur rank after they have achieved 150 points AND three top 3 overall finishes. Each promotion will be reviewed by the board. All Novice promotions will occur at the end of the season. Promotion of first year Novices may be delayed until after they have finished their participation in the current year's Amateur National program. Proof of finish at the Area or Regional qualifier must be provided. Any Novice rider dominating the class may be promoted at any time. Novice riders may self promote at any time.

AMATEUR CLASSES: Amateur riders will be promoted to Expert once they achieve 200 points AND five top 3 overall finishes. Each promotion will be reviewed by the board. All Amateur promotions will occur at the end of the season. Advancement points will not accumulate until an Amateur riders 2nd season. Results from neighboring districts and organizations may be included in advancement figures. Promotion of first year Amateurs may be delayed until after they have finished their participation in the current year's Amateur National program. A first year Amateur is one who raced less than six Amateur races in the previous year.


The period of time that must elapse between a riders last expert race and his return to amateur status shall be three full years or at the discretion of the referee and/or USMX board. Any expert rider returning to amateur status will be eligible for end of year and series award if he or she has been non competitive for two or more years. An individual may return to amateur only once.

Riders returning to a lower class are only those who officials consider completely non-competitive in the class they are leaving and will not dominate the class they are returning to. A rider returning to competition after one or more years must request to be reverted and cannot move back a class automatically or without permission.


Finish Points
1 20
2 17
3 15
4 13
5 11
6 10
7 9
8 8
9 7
10 6
11 5
12 4
13 3
14 2
15+ 1

Riders MUST finish at least ONE moto to receive any points.


Any rider found to have falsified his or her rider rank or age (if applicable), will lose points, trophies or cash prizes for the meet, and may be suspended for one year.


Each rider is responsible for the actions of his or her family and pit crew. Unnecessary trouble or excessive use of alcohol by a rider's family or crew makes that rider subject to disqualification. fines and/or a 30 day suspension from all USMX events. Repeat offenders will be disqualified for the remainder of the season.  Rider's responsibility extends to acts of vandalism and excessive littering by himself or members of his party.

Actions of a person or persons in dealing with track officials shall be considered a responsibility of the rider and the rider shall be subject to any referee decision pertaining to sportsmanlike conduct of the person or persons as specified.


1. The individual rider shall be responsible for displaying his riding number to the scorers on each lap.

2. Three securely attached number plates will be required. Black numbers, a minimum of 5 inches will be displayed on the following backgrounds: Amateur – yellow; Expert – white; Beginner and Novice – black with white numbers

3. A rider shall not use any machine in a meet other than the one he registered and started in the first moto.

4. A machine may be entered in only those classes which include its actual displacement.

5. Uniform starts will be practiced. A two minute warning will be displayed, signaling machines on the line to be started. A one minute warning will be displayed 60 seconds later. A ready signal will be give 30 seconds later. The start will occur as soon as possible thereafter.

6. No one but the rider with his machine may establish his position on the starting line. In the case of a staggered start, the faster group may pick their spots first. The slower group may either pick an open spot, or may line up behind a rider in the faster group and then move into that spot after the first group leaves the line. When a rider chooses his position on the starting line, he may not change that position. Rider must be with his machine when entering the starting gate.

7. In the event of a rider jumping the start, he/she shall be penalized one lap.

8. In the case of a restart, riders will return to their original positions on the starting line.

9. Any rider leaving the course shall continue the event form the point where he left the course. If it is unsafe or impossible to re-enter at his point of exit, the rider may re-enter at the first point where he can safely do so, without interfering with other riders and without gaining an advantage. Penalty for failure to do so will be loss of a minimum of one finishing position on that moto.

10. An official USMX referee will be present at all meets. His decision is final. Protests must be filed with the referee not later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the protesting rider's last moto. A rider may file protests on any matter regarding an event in which they were a participant, including but not limited to, the conformity of a machine or the eligibility of a rider. Each protest must be filed separately and in writing, signed by the protesting rider. Each protest must specify the violation of USMX rules or procedures which is alleged.

11. No rider will practice with any class other than the one he has signed up for. Failure to do this could result in disqualification from the meet. One practice ticket per rider (not per machine) will be handed out at signup. 50cc riders will be permitted to ride bigger bike for practice also.

12. When a yellow flag or a white with red cross flag is displayed, riders must ride cautiously with no jumping and no passing between the flag and the incident that caused the flag. Failure to do so may result in the rider being docked from one position all the way to disqualification for the event, subject to the referee discretion.

13. Pit riding, except in locations designated by the promoter, will be grounds for immediate disqualification from the meet. Designated pit riding locations will be announced at the riders meeting. Repeat offenders will be subject to a fine of $50. Referees and all track officials will assist in the enforcement of this rule. Any rider caught pit riding after the second moto of the day will, in addition to disqualification from the meet, be fined $50 and will not be allowed to ride in a USMX event until the fine is paid.

14. A rider must finish at least one moto for that class to receive any points. A finished race means the rider has completed at least half the laps for that race AND has crossed the finish line when the checkered flag is waved.

15. A rider must start in the middle of the starting gate, the bike being perpendicular with the starting gate. The front wheel must be within 12 inches of the gate.











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